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About Us
Raksha means protection and the logo says"your health.....we take care"Hence 'Raksha Hygiene'has taken the responsibility of extending maximum protection against water hazards like jaundice,malaria,diarrhoe etc.Raksha is only company to spealise exclusively in a small but vital field like cleaning of water storage tanks.Raksha is a professional tank cleaning company which has cleaned tank ranging from 250 ltrs.to 35 lakh ltrs.
Raksha cleans the tanks with state of the art pressure technology.Their process includes through cleaning of the inside of the tank,sucking of the dirt,disinfecting the tank the tank and finally exposure of ultra-violet rays to the surfaces of the tank.Raksha has a client base of almost 1000 clients with institutional tie ups with all the major developers and facility management companies.
Raksha is in the trade for last three years and have been catering to many big small housing complexes,schools and colleges,hospitals,hotels ect.Irrespective of baseless rumors in the market,Raksha remains the leader because of the trust & dedication towords their work. So whenever you think of tank cleaning think of RAKSHA HYGIENE just keep their 24 hours helpline handy.The numbers are 9830062656/9331026353.
Why Us
Why Raksha Hygiene
The new concept introduced by us for the first time in india, involves perfect cleaning of water storage tank in various stages which make tank totally bacteria free and which can safely store clean water.    view more..
step 1 - We evacuate water from the tank with a sophisticated suction pump.
step 2 - With high-speed jet of water, we dislodge the layer of dirt inside the tank, which are otherwise impossible to be removed by conventional manual methods.