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The most common way of cleaning the drinking water tank today is to hire the local Sweeper/Plumber/Unskilled Labour.
These workers who themselves lead unclean and dirty living habits, enter into the tank with a brush or a broom and scrubs the walls & floors manually. The ceiling is invariably neglected.
After this they physically remove water and the sludge from the tank using a bucket, mug and mops.
They sometimes use Bleaching Powder or Detergent (Which proves to be harmful in some cases) for cleaning the tank.
Cleaning Process involves a totally Professional, Scientific, Hygienic approach from start to end.
Cleaning Process continues with ceiling of the Tank, Walls & Floor with our Special High Pressure Jet which dislodges the layer of dirt and algae & Calcinations which is on the walls and ceilings of the tank.
After cleaning the dirty water and sludge is removed using a Special sludge pump.
Now the inside walls and ceilings are treated with Tested Anti-bacterial Agent & UV Treatment.
Why Us
Why Raksha Hygiene
The new concept introduced by us for the first time in india, involves perfect cleaning of water storage tank in various stages which make tank totally bacteria free and which can safely store clean water.    view more..
step 1 - We evacuate water from the tank with a sophisticated suction pump.
step 2 - With high-speed jet of water, we dislodge the layer of dirt inside the tank, which are otherwise impossible to be removed by conventional manual methods.