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The most common way of cleaning the drinking water tank today is to hire the local Sweeper/Plumber/Unskilled Labour.

These workers who themselves lead unclean and dirty living habits, enter into the tank with a brush or a broom and scrubs the walls & floors manually. The ceiling is invariably neglected.

After this they physically remove water and the sludge from the tank using a bucket, mug and mops.

They sometimes use Bleaching Powder or Detergent (Which proves to be harmful in some cases) for cleaning the tank.

Cleaning Process involves a totally Professional, Scientific, Hygienic approach from start to end.

Cleaning Process continues with ceiling of the Tank, Walls & Floor with our Special High Pressure Jet which dislodges the layer of dirt and algae & Calcinations which is on the walls and ceilings of the tank.

After cleaning the dirty water and sludge is removed using a Special sludge pump.

Now the inside walls and ceilings are treated with Tested Anti-bacterial Agent & UV Treatment.